What is BOD? (Thailand)

What is BOD?

BOD or burden of disease is a summary measure of population health representing information on a healthy life loss of population due to premature mortality, morbidity, and disability.

Who we are : Burden of Disease Thailand

BOD Thailand is a part of research and development agenda to determine national strategy and pathway to improve national health system under International Health Policy Program, Ministry of Public Health. The program is funded by Thai Health Promotion Foundation  (ThaiHealth) , and National Health Security Office (NHSO).

The main responsibility of BOD Thailand is to develop population-based burden of disease indicators which are qualified, standardized, relevant to public health network needs and able to support policy formulation and direction to improve health systems at national level. BOD Thailand’s main working areas include:
Develop burden of disease measures to support policy planning at national level
Foster cooperation across networks to conduct research for policy planning
Communicate research findings with policy makers
Promote to be the learning center and build networks’ capacity to develop BOD at national and regional levels.

  1. Burden of disease and injury at national and regional level
  2. Burden of disease attributable to risk factors
  3. Projection of burden of diseases and injuries
  4. Healthy life expectancy
  5. Trend of premature mortality
  6. Improvement the quality of mortality data
  7. Avoidable burden of disease of certain modifiable risk factors
  8. Burden of disease by geographical socioeconomic status
  9. Burden of disease and evaluation of health intervention